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Sephora ARA has a rich heritage of experience in the sale and marketing of beauty and perfumery products, dating back three decades. We have maintained our position as one of the leading cosmetic distributors in Iran by adapting to changing market trends, adopting modern tools and techniques, and adding a younger generation and fresh expertise to our management team.

We combine a deep understanding of the social and cultural context of the Iranian market with professional expertise in marketing, sales and distribution, in order to build and support successful cosmetic and perfumery brands. It is our immersion in the history and customs of Iran, and our unique ability to harmonize insights into popular preferences, styles and trends, with emerging brands, that sets us apart from the competition.

In addition to expert marketing and distribution services, Sephora ARA also delivers professional consulting, market analysis, branding, advertising, product awareness, and advice about the specific licenses required for distribution in the Iranian and Middle East markets. We love to use our expertise and the wealth of our experience to partner with brands that share our commitment to quality that shows, and beauty that lasts.